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Welcome to the <Fights Internet Dragons> homepage!

What this website hopes to accomplish is providing a secure place for members of the guild to talk to each other, discuss recent events or upcoming events. This is OUR place to keep connected to one another, whether we're planning 25 man raids, or just joking around. 

Are there any rules to follow?

Yes. Just like any website, we do ask that you follow a few basic rules (Nothing too terribly serious, we promise)
-Respect each other.
-Absolutely NO pornography or shock images please.
-Actually USE the website for guild related things. It's here for a reason :)

Other than those rules, all we ask is that you enjoy this space and use it as you see fit.

And remember; Any internet dragons you see, it is your OBLIGATION to fight them.
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March 21

rettar, Mar 21, 11 9:36 PM.
So we took down two more world bosses during our week of "not raiding".

It's rather impressive to see how much we are growing as a guild. New faces are appearing daily and I'm noticing a drastic improvement in DPS, mechanics and overall raid performance. All we need now is some more gear upgrades and we will be ready to dive back into the true raids.

Here's who we decided to kill:

<The Eye of Zor>

Loot: Beak of Julak-Doom (Item)



Loot: Xariona`s Spectral Claws (Item)

Our roster for both kills:
Protection Warrior (Tridic)
Combat Rogue (Rustige)
Assassination Rogue (Uroxxar)
Assassination Rogue (Blackcobra)
Fury Warrior (Uncivil)
Demonology Warlock (Peeweehermen)
Frost Death Knight (Jaleck)
Feral Druid (Leijon)
Holy Paladin (Bubbowz)
Holy Paladin (Keeanna)

Congrats to Andoric on the dagger and congrats to the guild bank for the gloves.

Overall tonight was very successful, fun and well executed.

Looking forward to everything in store,


March 20

rettar, Mar 20, 11 11:35 PM.
So we've been off raiding for a few weeks as the guild is going through some major revamping however we decided to go out tonight and take down a world boss.

<The Crushing Tide>

took a devastating blow from our small force.

Protection Warrior (Tridic)
Feral Druid (Leijon)
Assassination Rogue (Uroxxar)
Frost Death Knight (Jaleck)
Elemental Shaman (Kamix)
Holy Paladin (Bubbowz)
Restoration Druid (Undoo)
Loot: Mobus`s Vile Halberd (Item)

Congrats to Leijon on the upgrade.

Let's keep up the morale in the next few weeks and get some more bosses down!


Week 2 - March 1/2

rettar, Mar 4, 11 1:28 AM.
Our second week into actual raiding and we've already dropped some bosses.

Argaloth went down like nothing in Baradin Hold. I didn't even remember to grab the screenshot. I'll be sure to take another one this coming week.

And of course, after multiple attempts and some light fine tuning, we were able to crush Magmaw.

Thanks goes out to everyone that came out for our raid and stuck with it through the wiping, repairing and QQing.

Our roster:
Protection Paladin (Rokna)
Arms Warrior (Tridic)
Frost Death Knight (Jaleck)
Assassination Rogue (Blackcobra)
Assassination Rogue (Raveron)
Fire Mage (Reggole)
Fire Mage (Yendo of <Reviviscence>)
Restoration Druid (Undoo)
Holy Paladin (Keeanna)
Holy Paladin (Bubbowz)

Loot was: Leggings of Lethal Force (Item) Lifecycle Waistguard (Item) which was useless to our raid but the shards are welcome too.

Keep up the good work everyone and I hope to see you all next week with some new gear upgrades.

<Fights Internet Dragons> is now 1/12. Not a dragon we killed, but we're just getting warmed up.



Reggole, Feb 16, 11 2:53 PM.
Yes, soon we will be raiding :) stay tuned for more postings and keep an eye on the forums
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